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The way we see it, continuous improvement happens by first changing your mindset to ‘there is a better way.’  Once you embrace that, it’s a process of measure, analyze, improve —  to generate immediate measurable movement in your key performance indicators. Check out our services offerings below.

Repeatable Business Process Optimization

Business processes can account for a healthy chunk of your company’s cost structure, possibly 40-65% of your P&L. That’s a lot, especially when processes veer from a profitable path. Our tactical execution can improve business processes to help drive efficiency in the right direction.

Supply Chain Engineering

First, our goal is to carefully understand your goals, and challenges. We then use our experience to help you employ the right tactics to create greater efficiency in your supply chain to increase velocity, and delivery, while dramatically reducing inventory , waste, and total cost.

Labor Management Solutions

Each day, your people take on tasks involving thousands of actions. If you’re not continually measuring and optimizing your processes, your greatest asset (your workforce) can quickly become a liability. That’s where Jackpine Engineering can help.

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