Slotting Solutions

unlock new efficiencies.

 software and strategy

Let Jackpine help you find the right slotting tools and strategies to increase picking productivity by 20%.

You’re not alone. Inventory turnover and constantly changing demand patterns are common dynamics that make it nearly impossible to maintain an organized and efficient warehouse. To address your issues you’re facing. It’s likely we can help you:

  1. Reduce travel time
  2. Enhance picking accuracy
  3. Reduce errors
  4. Boost throughput

The right strategy and software equal success.

Slotting is complex, particularly when balancing multiple, sometimes conflicting objectives. Jackpine’s seasoned professionals excel in slotting warehouses and achieving optimal placements. With expertise in tools like Slot 3D and Slotting.IQ we can help tailor results that align with your specific operational requirements.

Five simple ways the right slotting strategy can make a huge impact on picking efficiency.

  1. Optimal Product Placement – Slotting software considers demand
    patterns, SKU characteristics, and picking frequency. It ensures
    that frequently picked items are placed closer to the shipping area,
    reducing travel time and increasing efficiency.
  2. Space Utilization – Efficient slotting software takes into account
    warehouse layout and space constraints to maximize storage density. By optimizing shelf space and storage configurations, it helps you make the most of their available warehouse space, reducing wasted areas and increasing storage capacity.
  3. Inventory Management – Real-time visibility helps prevent stockouts
    by ensuring that popular items are adequately stocked and easily
    accessible, while also identifying slow-moving or obsolete inventory.
  4. Reduced Labor Costs – Workers spend less time navigating the warehouse and more time fulfilling orders, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.
  5. Improved Accuracy – With accurate inventory data and optimized
    picking paths, slotting software helps reduce picking errors and
    improve order accuracy. This not only enhances customer satisfaction
    but also minimizes costly returns and rework.

Increase picking productivity by up to 20%.


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