Our job is to shine a light on what’s not working, then fix it.

When productivity is stagnant, and you can’t quite put your finger on the solution, you need a fresh perspective to get things rolling in the right direction. You need an objective set of eyes that will give you the facts, tell you the truth, and recommend a solution that makes sense. Then we execute, every step of the way.

Here’s what makes Jackpine Engineering different:

Massive improvement within reach – Our proven data driven decision making has helped our clients improve productivity 10-40% (we can prove it), while also improving quality and turn time.

Engineers, not consultants – We are tactical, technical and 100% focused on moving your baseline and making your company world class in execution. We’re there every step of the way. Plus, we’re dedicated to Industrial Engineering principles popularized by Six Sigma, Lean, and Continuous Improvement.

Complete transparency –  Our work is technical, yet we promise to share everything about our processes with your team, without using jargon.

Quiet, no-nonsense approach – We are shoulder to shoulder with your workforce… building tools, training, and working hard to modify your culture to build results. Our work is in the trenches, the front lines – not at HQ in a board room.

All on the same page – The success of our technical deployments depends on your people internalizing, engaging, executing, and finally maintaining/improving.

Simpler is better – To us, the simplest, lowest cost answer is the best answer. To manage complex problems, we promise not to complicate things. We simply break it down, decode it and get to the root of the problem.

Körber Services

Evolve your supply chain with Jackpine’s Körber experts. As a valued Korber implementor, Jackpine can help you in a variety of ways, including integrating of WA to Labor Advantage, Warehouse Advantage Enhancements, hooks, ERP integration, MHE integration and much more.

Supply Chain Solutions

First, our goal is to carefully understand your goals, and challenges. We then use our experience to help you employ the right tactics to create greater efficiency in your supply chain to increase velocity, and delivery, while dramatically reducing inventory, waste, and total cost.

Labor Management

Each day, your people take on tasks involving thousands of actions. If you're not continually measuring and optimizing your processes, your greatest asset (your workforce) can quickly become a liability. That’s where we can help.