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Your Labor Management System LMS is the key to sustaining long-term labor savings.

Once your company has established Production Rates and Engineered Labor Standards, a Labor Management System LMS can help you manage every detail of labor flow, helping you track your most essential data. Your LMS turns plans into action to make labor savings sustainable.

If you’re new to Labor Management Systems LMS and need help choosing the LMS that’s right for you, Jackpine can help. Our labor management specialists are experienced with a variety of labor management systems LMS from leading providers, managing dozens of installations in a variety of industries. Our extensive expertise with different solutions make Jackpine the ideal partner for helping you choose the right system.

OPERATOR PERFORMANCE – Is this the direction you’d like to go? The Körber Labor Advantage’s visibility allows you to keep tabs on operator performance on a daily basis. 

Essential features of your Labor Management System LMS:

The Labor Management System LMS that Jackpine has implemented offer the features you see below, or a combination of them, based on your unique supply chain warehouse or distribution center requirements.

Capture direct and indirect labor activities – Understanding direct vs. indirect labor is vital. LMS systems offer a comprehensive view of workforce utilization, allowing you to analyze both direct tasks (directly related to production) and indirect tasks (supporting activities like maintenance, setup, etc.).

Support for engineered and historical standards – Your LMS offers insight into both engineered labor standards (ELS) and historical standards, allowing you to establish benchmarks for performance measurement, goal setting, and continuous improvement within your warehouse and distribution operations.

Powerful Labor planning – Your LMS overs all functional areas across your entire warehouse including picking, packing, shipping, receiving, inventory management and other areas.
Travel path creation and XYZ coordinate mapping. An LMS essential, your system helps point your warehouse workers to optimal routes and XYZ coordinate mapping, optimizing movement within the facility so they can complete tasks in the most efficient manner possible.

Monitor personal time, fatigue, and delay allowance – Not to be overlooked, LMS systems factor in personal time, fatigue, and allowances for delays to ensure realistic labor standards, while mitigating risks associated with overwork or burnout.

Role-based security – LMS offers role-based security features to control access to sensitive labor data and functionalities based on user roles and permissions within your organization.

Real-time assignment goals and employee performance feedback – LMS gives warehouse workers real-time assignment goals and performance feedback, enabling them to track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and make adjustments as needed.

Performance, KPI, and utilization reporting – LMS generates performance, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), and utilization reports to help supervisors assess workforce productivity, efficiency, and resource utilization against predefined metrics and targets.

Team standards – LMS supports team-based performance standards, allowing your supervisors to set collective goals and expectations for teams working on collaborative projects or tasks.

Automatically capture WMS data from WMS and time and attendance systems – LMS can automatically capture data from Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and time and attendance systems to streamline data collection processes and ensure accuracy in labor tracking and reporting

OPERATOR PERFORMANCE – See which employees are performing at their best. The Körber Labor Advantage’s visibility allows you to keep tabs on operator performance on a daily basis. 

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