Labor Management

build a more productive workforce culture.

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Our focused labor management approach promises long-term ROI in a matter of months.

Labor management is one of Jackpine’s strongest capabilities. We offer the industry’s most seasoned labor management pros, combining decades of industrial engineering background, advanced degrees, and on-the-job track records for success in supply chain distribution centers all over the United States.

With an eye on efficiency, we’ll cut needless hours from inefficient processes, and reduce process variability and indirect labor, while revving up morale. When your people are engaged and understand basic industrial techniques, you’ll be more efficient for the long term.

How it works:

The nuts and bolts – pivotable pillars of Jackpine’s labor management approach:

Lean Process Events – This is where it begins. We’ll study your current process, carefully evaluate inefficiencies, and work with you to create the shortest, fastest, easiest way to get the job done.

Labor Management Engineering – Jackpine embraces tried and true fundamentals such as lean process, production rate, engineered labor standards, time and motion, leading indicators and much more to help get your supply humming, and keep it that way for the long haul.

Labor Performance Management – We’ll help you combine the essential tools, processes and data to get results – daily habits, utilization, incentives, accountability and more. Whatever your situation requires, we’ll help you get there.

Labor Management System (LMS) – Beyond Lean Process, Engineering Labor Standards and more, you need a system to pull it all together, to track your essential data and help you make sense of it so you make labor savings sustainable.

Labor Management System (LMS) Selection – If you’re new to Labor Management Systems LMS and need help choosing the LMS that’s right for you, Jackpine can help. Our extensive expertise with different solutions make Jackpine the ideal partner for helping you choose the right system.

boost labor productivity by 15% in three months.

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OPERATOR PERFORMANCE – Is this the direction you’d like to go? The Körber Labor Advantage’s visibility allows you to keep tabs on operator performance on a daily basis. 

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