When productivity soars, everybody wins.

Employees earn more. Customers pay less. Profits rise.

Build a more productive workforce culture – create a more competitive company.

It’s that simple. A more efficient workforce saves millions, which creates new opportunities for everyone. Let our experienced engineers guide you with proven processes and quickly transform your operation in a matter of months.

Industry’s top engineers, hands down.

In labor management, experience means everything. Jackpine offers you the industry’s most seasoned teams, combining decades of industrial engineering background, advanced degrees, and on-the-job track records for success.

Focused approach promises ROI quickly.

With an eye on efficiency, we’ll cut needless hours from inefficient processes, reduce process variability and indirect labor, while revving up morale. When your people are engaged and understand basic industrial techniques, you’ll be more efficient for the long term.

More LMS engineering  for your dollar.

You pay only for the best IE talent, not high overhead. We keep it lean so you get the best industry resources, at the most competitive rates. 

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Four ways we help you increase efficiency:

Lean Process

Our job is to simplify processes, eliminate waste and improve the productivity of every activity. We’ll study your current process, carefully evaluate inefficiencies, and work with you to create the shortest, fastest, easiest way to get the job done.

Performance Management

We’ll help you combine all the tools, processes and data to get results – daily habits, utilization, incentives, accountability and more. Whatever your situation requires, we’ll help you get there.


We work with all labor management software solutions, including HighJump, JDA/RedPrairie, Manhattan, Next View, SAP, Legacy. Get real-time data performance versus established standards, allowing you to detect inefficiencies and take corrective action.

Production Rate

We’ll carefully examine your all your tasks and activities, and help you create accurate and fair performance standards based on the appropriate pace, skill, and training level for your situation.

Labor management solution tracks, measures, reports labor activities to increase efficiency.

Jackpine’s visibility tools provide real-time data on actual employee utilization and performance versus established standards, allowing you to detect inefficiencies and take corrective action.

Capabilities include:

  • Capture all direct and indirect labor activities
  • Support for engineered and historical standards
  • Labor planning across functional areas
  • „„Travel path creation and XYZ coordinate mapping
  • Personal time, fatigue, and delay allowance
  • Role-based security
  • Real-time assignment goals and employee performance feedback
  • Performance, KVI, and utilization reporting
    Team standards
  • Automatically capture data from WMS and time and attendance systems


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