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We are a quiet company. We do not share our clients name’s or information (we do provide one-to-one references). We embed into your company with complete transparency. All our efforts are focused on you, your company, and driving results.

Worked with a beverage company and turned their lowest performing distribution center in the country (#44) into the top performer (#1) in a six week project. This involved: HR, union engagement, technology, operations training, engineering, process flow, and a significant culture shift.
Labor Management
Beverage Company
Worked long hours with a major Food Manufacturer to institute lean principles over a three-day period on supply line to increase productivity by 50% in six weeks, and ultimately by 225%.
Supply Chain Engineering
Food distributor
After completing an end-to-end composite review of all major processes/systems from Item Setup to Store Activities, it was determined that virtually every step needed to be modified/improved to hit the minimum expected level of accuracy. The process and system review included: Item setup/maintenance, PO create, EDI transmission, inbound receipt, DC processes, outbound invoicing (systematic transfer of inventory from DC to Store), Store receipt/stocking, backroom, stow/pull, zoning, counting, negative receipt, sale, return, and damage/scrap. 7.5 Million annual errors eliminated.
Business Process Optimization
Big Box Retailer
Composite review that included self surveys, self administered work sampling, time studies, management interview –identified a 43% reduction in required clerical hours – staffing for the first year was successfully deployed with a 20% reduction of work.
Canadian Sales Support
13 Regions
Transformed a failed two-site implementation into a seven-plus-year client that has saved millions through performance improvements. Accomplished this by building vision, team, and execution strategy that took the client through massive technology, engineering, and process flow changes leading to a culture shift. Rolled this initiative through 35 US production facilities and 150 DCs.
Major Performance Improvements
Food Manufacturer

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